Steel-Invest Ltd. undertakes the following: splitting of hot rolled, hot rolled pickled and cold rolled, and coated coils to the dimensions requested by the customer with tolerances according to MSZ EN 10151, MSZ EN 10142 and MSZ EN 10031.   In addition to producing the requested product, Our company undertakes the stock piling of raw materials and finished products for its customers as well as JIT (just in time) delivery.

Raw materials for processing Thickness




Outer diameter

D (mm)

Inner diameter

d (mm)




Hot rolled coil 1,2-6,0 670-1550 950-2200 500-840 max. 25
Hot rolled pickled coil 1,2-6,0 670-1550 950-2200 500-850 max. 25
Cold rolled coil 0,35-2,5 300-1500 900-1800 500-610 max. 22
Coated coil 0,35-2,5 300-1500 900-1800 500-610 max. 22

Slit products are packed as requested by customers.

  • With horizontal (H) or vertical (V) axle
  • Laid on wooden spacers or disposable pallets or crate with or without wooden spacers between the individual coils
  • With or without impregnated paper and/or foil  
  • With or without edge protection
  • With a label stuck on or supplied in a plastic pocket