The quality, environmental and OHS policy of the company

Steel-Invest Kft. intends to secure its long-term sustainable operations through the purchasing, processing and trading of steel products, in accordance with customer needs and the owners’ expectations.

We intend to accomplish our goals by operating and continuously developing an integrated control system that is accredited by and independent accrediting body, and which was established according to ISO 9001:2015 on quality-, ISO 14001:2015 on environmental-, and ISO 45001:2018 on OHS control.

In the course of our activities, our fundamental goal is to uphold the quality level of product, environmental, and occupational health and safety; to ensure the effectiveness of, and to continuously develop business operations; and to quickly react to the changes in the business environment.

During our activities, we observe the specifications of all valid legislation, standards and other requirements, as well as our contractual duties.

The operation of the established Integrated Control System covers the trade and other service activities of the company, as well as supervising the outsourcing activities.

Our main quality goals are to ensure the further processability of products, to improve the control of the delivered raw and auxiliary materials, to broaden the range of product supply, to improve commercial services, technical consulting and packaging technology.

In addition to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, we put special emphasis on the economical use of natural resources, the reduction of emissions, pollution prevention, environmental-conscious handling of waste, and selective waste collection.

Through occupational health and risk reduction, we continually improve the working conditions of our employees.

When pursuing our activities and operating our equipment, we pay special attention to preventing near misses, potential injuries and damage to health, as well as emergencies (emergency breakdowns).

We require that our suppliers and outsourcing partners observe our accepted quality, environmental and OHS norms, as well as that they should possess verifiable and valid competencies.

We improve the quality, environmental and OHS awareness of our employees via regular and specific trainings.

We pursue correct business communication and co-operate with our colleagues, partners, authorities and other interested parties for the sake of long-term sustainable operations.

The management is committed to actively and responsibly participate in the implementation of the Integrated Management Policy Declaration, provides the necessary resources, as well as encourages and expects every employee of the company to identify with it and adhere to the procedures described therein. The Managing Director is responsible for achieving the set goals.